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When does practice start for the 2017 Season
Practice starts Monday July 17th 2017. It will take place at Tyee High School in Seatac, WA

How do I Sign up? 
This year ALL registrations must be comepleted online. From our website, www.seatacsharks.coom click on the REGISTRIAON IS OPEN Banner or the Login link at the top of the screen. From there you will Create An Account if it is your first time. AFTER creating your account you will be able to add partisipants and registrer them for progrmas. 

What if I want to pay Cash, Check, or Money Order? 
Thats fine! All you have to due is go online and complete your registration and when you get to the last page you will be able to select PAY BY CHECK and will be given the option to mail in your payment. We will also collect payments for registered partisipants during the trainig camps on May 20th 2017, June 3rd 2017, and June 17th 2017.

What are the roster caps this year? 
We are currently reconiging a roster cap of 31 players. However, the leauge MAY vote to make it a 36 player leauge. For now we will limit to 31 until otherwise changed by our leauge. 

I don't have a way to scan our documents? (Birth Certificate, Reprot Card)  
Each season we are required to conduct a process called "Certifications". This process consist of a review of Photo, birth certificate, and Reprot Card for all Tackle Football Players. If you are unable to conduct a document upload on your own you will have the option to submit them later adn will need to bring copies to your childs 1st practice.or camp. Equipment WILL NOT be provided to any partisipant that does not have this docuemnts turned in. 

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